Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Phoenix, AZ In Top 10 Best Cities for 2006 Real Estate

Phoenix, AZ In Top 10 Best Cities for 2006 Real Estate

by Mark Nash

Buy, sell or hold seem to be the biggest worries of home buyers and real estate investors in the 2006 residential real estate market. After solid double-digit appreciation in many major markets the last five years, investors and home buyers alike see the brakes on growth in 2006. Where to go? Mark Nash real estate author of 1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home lays out where investors and home buyers can make a go it in 2006.

Atlanta, Georgia. Below average appreciation rates that have not matched other major markets.

Austin, Texas. Good news here, affordable housing prices attracting employers. Rising appreciation.

Boise, Idaho. New on real estate investors radar, attracting scores of out-of-state buyers. Good profit prospects.

Dallas, Texas. Prices creeping upward, fueling investor interest.

Houston, Texas. Demand from Katrina transplants driving a strong market.

Las Vegas, Nevada. Market returning to normal appreciation rates, demand stays steady.

Phoenix, Arizona. Ignored in the boom, now being discovered by investors. Most cities here are bargain-priced.

San Antonio, Texas. Waking from a stagnant appreciation period. Good returns projected here.

Seattle, Washington. Good economy and low inventories offer attractive appreciation gains in 2006.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Solid Midwestern values speculate-proof this burgeoning market.

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