Thursday, August 24, 2006

Historic Information FAQ's and Links: Willo Historic, Roosevelt Historic, Encanto-Palmcroft Historic and All the Rest

Historic Information FAQ's and Links
(Grants, Zoning, Etc...)

What does the city of Phoenix Historic Preservation Office do?

The city's Historic Preservation Office works to protect and enhance historic Phoenix neighborhoods, buildings and sites in Historic Phoenix. The city's Historic Preservation Office works closely with the city's Historic Preservation Commission to identify and designate those properties and districts eligible for listing on the Phoenix Historic Property Register. Protection is provided to designated properties through city review and approval of exterior alterations to buildings and demolition requests. The office also administers the Historic Preservation Bond fund that supports a number of financial assistance programs for historic properties. Rehabilitation training and educational activities are offered by the city Historic Preservation Office to heighten public awareness and appreciation for the community's historic resources.

Check out the Historic Preservation Office website:

The quickest way to find out information about historic renovation is to log onto the City of Phoenix’s Historic Preservation Office website.

For those who do not have Internet access at home or work, call the office with your questions.

City of Phoenix Historic Preservation contact information:

Main office
200 W. Washington St.
17th Floor
Phoenix, Arizona 85003
Walk-in hours: 8am to noon,
Mondays through Fridays
Field Office
The Ellis-Shackelford House
1242 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(By appointment only)

How do I get the city to help pay for my remodeling? How do I get the grant money?

Read about the Exterior Rehabilitation Program here:

How do I get my house to have a Historic Designation?

Learn how to designate your property as a historic resource here:

I want to build an addition, whom do I call in the City for Assistance? Who must approve it?

Read about the city's permit review process:

What is the city of Phoenix Neighborhood Services?

The city of Phoenix created the Neighborhood Services Department to preserve and revitalize neighborhoods, and help residents access city services. The department approach to project- and problem-management emphasizes partnerships between residents, business owners, elected officials, and city employees to build and preserve clean, safe neighborhoods that reflect the diversity of the city's population. The city's investment in healthy neighborhoods is ultimately an investment in people, in a sense of community, and in an ethic of shared pride.

Check out the Neighborhood Services website:

To search ALL 36 Phoenix Historic Districts itemized, go to:

Click here to search homes in the Willo Historic District.


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