Thursday, August 24, 2006

Del Norte Historic District ~ Phoenix, AZ

Del Norte Place Historic District
by Sadie Jo Smokey ~ The Arizona Republic

The residents of Del Norte Place Historic District like their smaller vintage homes. Like other historic districts in central Phoenix, the neighborhood has its share of investors who buy homes to update and then sell in a year or two. That hasn't affected the character of the neighborhood, residents say.

The area has an almost storybook quality. Made up of just eight blocks and bordered on three sides by Encanto Golf Course and Encanto Park, the neighborhood has tree-lined streets, with English cottages, bungalows and a few ranch homes.

Dick and Nancy Bauer have lived in the neighborhood for 40 years. Nancy said it's still a quiet area, a nice place to raise a family, even though today more women work, professional couples have fewer children and the neighborhood isn't as social as it once was.

"People always want to live in a place with trees," Nancy said. "A lot of residents walk their dogs. We know a lot of the neighbors. There's a lot of pride."

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